A Resounding Win for Labour

roselabourSo the dust has settled from the EU and local elections. Here in Camden Labour party had a resounding win, grabbing 40 out of the 54 council seats. This is up ten seats from the 2010 elections. The big losers have been the Lid-Dems who are down to just one councillor, who as recently as 2009 were the biggest party. So what should we expect from a Labour council on the environment. Of their five manifesto promises – one has an environment flavour: “Camden Labour will make Camden the best borough in London for cyclists and pedestrians”. The new exec member – currently Phil Jones – for Sustainability, Transport and Planning hasn’t yet been announced.

The Greens held on to their one seat in Highgate with Sian Berry taking over from the dynamic Maya de Souza who worked tirelessly on the sustainability task force, with the transition town groups and lobbied to improve council homes energy efficiency.

The Euro elections were of course dominated by UKIP. UKIP are unusual in having an ‘anti’ environment manifesto. They threaten to axe the 2008 Climate Change Act (luckily nothing to do with the EU elections). They go on to criticise the Large Combustion Directive – which is the reason why no one talks about acid rain anymore – and the EU renewables targets – which is preparing the EU for the post fossil fuel world.


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