Exciting few weeks on the energy efficiency front

Camden, along with five other North London boroughs have secured £6.6 million of central Government funding for domestic energy efficiency in an attempt to kick start the flailing Green Deal policy following the lack of demand for the two flagship energy efficiency policies: Green Deal and ECO . Home owners who install solid wall insulation (and optionally other energy efficiency) measures will qualify for up to £6000 of cash back. The home owner has to have a green deal inspection to identify the most appropriate energy efficiency measures, but there is no obligation to take on the Green Deal finance deal.  See the council website for details.

The Chester Balmore development has just opened on Chester Road in Dartmouth Park. The 50 homes – half social housing and half for sale commercially – have been built to exacting Passivhaus standards. The homes do not have or need heating – relying on triple glazing, excellent insulation (with mechanical ventilation to ensure air quality) and solar gain through the north and south facing windows.

Greg Barker the Decc minister for energy efficiency did not survive the reshuffle. He was genuinely passionate about energy efficiency and micro-renewables and did much in his four year term of office to promote this agenda within Government. He has been replaced by Amber Barker. The Minister for energy Michael Fallon has been replaced by Matthew Hancock who appears to be doing several other jobs simultaneously.